Order reference TDS10300
Max. number of AUTOBUSES 4
Max. number of linked DoIP central units 10
Max. number of TDS interfaces on AUTOBUS 2 x 31 + optional extra 2 x 31 = 124 total
Max. number of inputs (on 4 x AUTOBUS) 500
Max. number of outputs (on 4 x AUTOBUS) 500



Datasheet TDS10300

Tư vấn, báo giá:

A PALAS (ref TDS10300; DIN-rail mount) installation is fully modular. It can be accompanied by a high number of technical and user interfaces to control an almost unlimited number of light circuits, wall socket circuits, motorized curtains/shades, audio zones, HVAC zones, heat pumps, access control, video door phones, voice control, etc.… It is also the perfect solution to manage the energy flows from/to photovoltaic panel inverters, EV car chargers, digital energy meter, etc. It gives you a high level of comfort and security, but also insight in your energy consumption and/or injection. Limitations in capacity are hard to be reached with a PALAS installation, (see the PALAS data sheet). In medium to large installations, the PALAS central unit is your best solution. It has all control functionalities available and if you need more than 500 device circuits to be controlled, you can have up to ten PALAS central units work together in a distributed intelligence set-up with up to 5000 connected circuits.

PALAS will offer you a top level of comfort, security and energy management. The system is modular and can be updated and extended in the future with new interfaces and software.

A PALAS system can also be remotely managed by your system integrator. It results in the most efficient service: fast and affordable. When you are far away from your TELETASK specialist, you can give him (temporarily) protected remote digital access. Via a standard internet connection, he can do remote diagnostics and offer you next-level services.

The overall TELETASK approach protects your total project investment and keeps your residential or professional project attractive on the real estate market for several decades to come. TELETASK products are designed to last for up to 30 years, just like the introduction of products in the past. It all started this way already more than 40 years ago! It made TELETASK an early-hour pioneer with the longest home automation experience in the world.

We offer the highest quality and an exclusive design, combined with local after-sales support. We have a worldwide sales and support network of distributors and DOMUS/PALAS certified system integrators available, in more than 40 countries.

PALAS is compatible with G3 (‘Generation 3’), the newest full integrated home automation generation from TELETASK. Compatible, faster (40x), lower power consumption, and with new features added in comparison with the former generations. However, it is compatible with most existing user- and technical interfaces as well. Customers haven an existing installation from the past, can always upgrade to PALAS (or DOMUS in case of smaller installations).

  • Equipped with state-of-the-art high speed, ultra low power.
  • System backup with nvRAM (no backup battery and no SD-card needed).
  • High speed 1 Gigabit LAN connection; downward compatible with 100Mb networks.
  • Remote cloud connections over highly secured connection.
  • Optional mobile ‘one ap for all’ and local/remote PC based control available at a low cost yearly subscription fee.

PALAS integrates all connected items to behave as one smart system. Typical applications are large apartments, medium to large residences/houses and professional buildings. In multi apartment projects, a combination of DOMUS and PALAS can be installed independent or integrated with each other. A basic PALAS has two AUTOBUS connections and a 1Gb LAN connection. It can be extended up to four galvanic isolated AUTOBUS connections an in a combination of ten PALAS units, a large network of up to 40 AUTOBUS networks, each being 1km long, can be realized. Every AUTOBUS is powered via a 12V input with galvanic isolated external TDS10134 power supplies.

For professionals: See more details in the downloadable data sheet (see downloads on teletask.be) and in the online technical handbook www.professional.teletask.be. The configuration is very user-friendly via PROSOFT 4.0 or higher. Full G3 features are available starting from PROSOFT 5.0. PROSOFT is a free-of-charge configuration software for system integrators. You can always upgrade an installation to the latest version, even from a remote site. It makes your TELETASK system an extra sustainable solution.

You only need a REMOTE SERVICES subscription .This low-cost subscription can be started/stopped any time you want. A minimum one-year subscription fee applies.

PROSOFT is known for its simplicity and can be easily learned and used by any specialized electrical installer. This greatly benefits the implementation and startup time. There is no need for a separate specialist or engineering office, making the configuration extremely cost-effective. This is not only interesting for the end-user budget, but in urgent cases, such as the renovation of a house or a shop that needs to be operational quickly again, this is an important advantage or even an additional selling point.