Sugar dissolving and mixing tank SO-Z

A unique combination

Whether it is about mixing, blending or stirring: because of its unlimited application possibilities, Speidel’s SO-Z tank is indispensable for almost any enterprise. Our customers appreciate the tank’s perfect functioning and its outstanding price-performance ratio. The tank’s PE-base allows easy and flexible transportation. The base can be easily accessed from underneath by forklift / pallet truck. At the same time the base serves as buffer / bumper. This tank combines both our know-how in matters of stainless steel and our expertise in plastics. The tank’s PE-base is home-made and is therefore ideally customised for the tank. It fits like a glove.

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Standard accessories

  • AISI 304 stainless steel, surface IIId (2R), marbled outside
  • Open tank top with strenghtening rim
  • Connecting neck for stirring device with external thread connection 37 W 47 x 1/9″
  • Vaulted, stable tank bottom with integrally moulded forward down-slope for complete draining
  • Moulded connection neck with discharge outlet: in case of 820 mm ø external thread NW 40 DIN 11851, from 1,000 mm ø upwards external thread NW 50 DIN 11851
  • PE-transportation and storage base, accessible from underneath by forklift / pallet truck
  • Up to 530 litres capacity with PE-transportation and storage base, accessible from 2 sides by forklift / pallet truck
  • From 750 litres capacity on-wards with PE-transportation and storage base, accessible from 4 sides by forklift / pallet truck