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This digital input interface can receive inputs from push buttons, motion sensors, door contacts and so on. It is the ideal interface for energy metering in combination with meters with a pulse output.

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The digital input interface TDS12117 has 16 input channels for all kinds of voltage free contacts, to be used as inputs to the system. The contacts can be from standard wall mounted push buttons, motion and presence sensors, door and window contacts, contact from burglar and fire alarm systems, rain sensors, etc.

Additionally, the digital input interface is able to receive pulse counter inputs. This is used to measure inputs from energy meters, to measure electrical power consumption or production (PV panels), gas, water, precipitation, wind speed, etc…

This is an AUTOBUS connected interface with power over AUTOBUS like almost every TELETASK



Order ReferenceTDS12117
Digital inputs16 (voltage free)
DIN-rail mounting3 modules wide

Datasheet TDS12117