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You can control your home, office, or building from your mobile device. The iSGUI app is available for Apple iOS, Android, MS Windows PC, and Mac.

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Whether you are at home, around the corner or anywhere on the globe, you can get in touch with your house or apartment and instantly monitor and control any integrated device from your mobile phone. The only thing you need is a smartphone and a data connection (Wifi or mobile data connection).

Left the door keys inside? Want to take a look at the drive way camera from your office? Open the door for the cleaning lady when she arrives at your home? The children or family can enter the house without the need of a key. No more doubts about leaving your house insecure, you can check and control it any time any place. The life connection to your cameras is a real bonus and it will bring you peace of mind. 
Your TELETASK system holds a back-up of the app, so changing or mixing mobile devices is entirely possible. 

iSGUI runs on:
– iPhone, iPod or iPad (iSGUI at Apple iTunes)
– Android smartphone or Tablet (iSGUI at Google play store)
– Microsoft Windows PC (TELETASK Download section)
– macOS (TELETASK Download section)

Browse the Apple Store, Android Play, Blackberry World or go the download section of this website to download your version of iSGUI.

No TELETASK installed yet at your home but eager to try? Download the TELETASK iSGUI app, chose the demo option in the menu and control our Belgian demo-house, including a street camera view.


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