Overlapping panel

Technical data

Thickness 0.70 mm
Dimension of the panel (L c H) 3,000 x 200 mm
Depths 13 mm / 20 mm
Weight per unit 4.56 / 4.67 kg
Number of panels / m2 1.66 (i.e. 5 for 3 m2)
Number of splice plates per m2 1.67
Number of screws per m2 10

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General information

VMZINC Overlapping panel is a wall-mounted cladding system made up of horizontal overlapping panels fixed to the substructure using brackets. The system is designed to be compatible with external insulation.
The panels fit easily into each other, making them quick and easy to install.

Areas of application

Suitable for both renovation projects and new buildings – All types of buildings : commercial, public buildings, collective and individual housing.