The innovative solutions in zinc for roofing, facades, rainwater systems, accessories and ornaments inspire architects to design unique buildings that respect the environment. Our products make installers’ work easier.


From Traditional to Modern Zinc Art "Ornaments" by VMZinc are utilized not only in the restoration of ancient structures, but also in new projects such as a classic and neoclassical palace with a clever zinc dome and roof top with a French architectural breath.

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VMZinc offers a comprehensive zinc roofing system in a variety of styles and colors.

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VMZinc's decorative zinc application began as an extension of the exterior layer of the building, from the roof down to the walls. All decorative zinc systems belong to the rain net series, which features an outstanding design, long-lasting durability, and a wide range of styles.

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Rainwater systems

VMZinc's rainwater drainage system provides the building with the optimum combination of quality and aesthetics.

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Creativity and uniqueness is one of the aesthetic elements that zinc brings in the interior decoration application.

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