Potable Water System

FRÄNKISCHE delivers products that exceed customers’ expectations in terms of design and quality of products. Clean plumbing ensures safe and reliable water flow.


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Potable Water Piping

Fränkische domestic water pipes are made from high-grade selected materials. Three layers PE-Aluminium-HDPE, advanced construction measures do not need to use glue or heat welding to ensure anti-leakage, bringing long-term durability to the domestic water system

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Piping accessories

Pipe connection accessories are an important part of the domestic water supply system. From high-grade material PPSU high performance plastic or brass, unleaded anti-calcification CW724R with a surface design larger than 30%, 1 joint - 5 contours bring flexibility for pipe connection accessories, do not deform the material, minimize the risk of leakage and optimize flow.

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