Mortar, concrete and sealing systems

Construction mortar, or glue, is an important aspect of the construction process for bonding. Quick-mix from Germany is a long-standing traditional brand of high-quality building mortar and high-end adhesive products that leads the European construction and adhesives market.

Quick-mix products combine common components with cutting-edge technology to suit the demand for masonry and specialty adhesive glue.

Masonry Mortar

All Quick-mix construction mortar products are manufactured on a large scale in accordance with European standards using precisely selected raw materials, contain no harmful compounds, are simple to use, and have a high adhesion intensity. Used for a variety of applications, including the construction of new homes, the renovation of existing homes, and the construction of high-rise buildings in urban areas...

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Concrete and sealing systems

Are you looking for concrete mortar and quality repairs for the building? Quick-mix, a European leader in the field of construction materials for over 45 years, will provide you with professional concrete mortar and repair supplies that are reliable and of long-term quality.

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Technical mortar

Quick-mix's technical mortar has proven superior quality in many housing and public projects throughout the decades.

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Heat-insulating masonry mortar

The need to build increasingly modern buildings requires materials to ensure specific protective properties. Quick-mix's insulated construction mortar has a light weight, low thermal conductivity and optimal insulation, strong links with other materials help protect the building for a long time.

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Jointing mortar

Quick-mix's Ron scrub glue with high-end selected material and advanced technology from Europe helps to bind bricks firmly, with bendability, help regulate the expansion of floors, brick walls, joints optimally.

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