Skolan Safe®

Continuous development of our in-house wastewater system, has led to Skolan Safe® – a forward-thinking complete solution for all demanding structural engineering projects. Start setting your own standards in the field of soundproofed building drainage pipes!



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Skolan Safe® in detail

Excellent soundproofing

A smooth inner surface and an optimised material formula ensure exceptional soundproofing that is unique in its class. At a threshold of just 17 dB (for a 4 litre flow rate according to measurements with Bismat 1000 (P-BA 221/2016)), this pipe system is often selected in all areas of the demanding civil engineering field.

Smooth pipe surface

The smooth pipe surface has excellent dirt-repellent properties which prevents additional incrustation.

Patented 3 lip seal

The new patented 3 lip seal can now be used more quickly than ever before and guarantees secure sealing even under the most adverse conditions.

25-year guarantee

We offer an unbelievable 25-year guarantee on this system. The resistance, formula and a patented 3 lip seal completely redefines the standards for building drainage.

Environmentally compatible

Skolan Safe® is free of halogens and heavy metals and is 100% recyclable.