Home automation

TELETASK is a brand with over 35 years of experience in designing and producing safe automatic electrical equipment. For high-end villa developments, products with delicate and luxurious designs are appropriate. TELETASK designs and manufactures all of its products in Belgium.

User interfaces

The TELETASK touch panels are more than just switches to turn individual functions on and off. Translate your wishes into an infinite number of possible functions. Take a look at the wide variety of the AURUS family, designed to blend in with any interior design style.

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Software & Services

Take a look at the range of applications for smart phones, tablets, PC's etc. to control your TELETASK home automation system from anywhere you like.

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Technical products

The TELETASK technical interfaces are the invisible actors of our integrated home automation system. The system integrator will match the technical characteristics of the TELETASK components with any custom needs.

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