Technical details:

Order Reference TDS12022
Dimensions 90 x 140 x 11 mm
Front plate Solid glass
Display OLED display
Touch panel Capacitive
Buttons 4×8 (short + long)
Feedback Buzzer + LED’s
IR receiver Built-in
Temperature sensor Built-in
Wall mounting Standard wall box, flush or raised
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The AURUS-OLED reads like a novel with four pages. Every page has eight buttons whose functions are visualised on the bright OLED display. This makes up to 32 buttons to control your house or project.

To thumb through this booklet you use three hidden buttons. Every page content can be styled to your wish, the functionalities as well as the icons. To do so TELETASK offers you an existing icon-library or even better: create your own icons just in seconds. Furthermore it is possible to display messages and alarms on the OLED display.

For the ease of use, the AURUS-OLED is completely predefined with a separate audio and a separate temperature control page. It is of course possible to redefine any buttons as you like. 

The panel is also provided with a built-in infra red receiver for remote control and a room temperature sensor to control most air conditioning systems, including floor heating and/or cooling.

Use the AURUS-OLED horizontally or vertically, choose the orientation based on your interior and personal preferences. 

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Datasheet TDS12022