Duschrinne Linearis Infinity

The elegant solution: The Linearis Comfort is our premium shower channel for maximum shower comfort. The reversible bar in a timeless stainless steel design is integrated into the floor of the shower area on the wall or room side. This creates a ground-level area that enables a barrier-free spatial experience. And the shower channel also meets the highest demands when it comes to acoustic comfort: it offers excellent sound insulation.

With five different channel lengths from 750 to 1,150 mm, the Linearis Comfort shower channel is available in suitable sizes for different room dimensions. It can be combined with all base bodies and accessories from the 125 modular system for point and linear drainage.


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Bathroom drains, Wall drains, Shower channels

Individual design with reversible stainless steel bar

The shower channel can be individually designed by turning the stainless steel bar: There is a recess on the underside for floor tiles. In this way, the Linearis Comfort is either set apart from the surrounding floor of the shower area as an eye-catcher or integrated into it as inconspicuously as possible.

Factory fitted sealing collar

The Linearis Comfort is delivered with a factory-fitted sealing sleeve that meets the highest demands on load and tightness according to DIN 18534-1 load class W3. This makes it particularly suitable for commercial use.

Highest fire protection standards

In the event of a fire, water drains pose a risk because the fire can spread through the drain pipes to other parts of the building. For protection, our drains can be equipped with the Fire-Kit fire and smoke protection insert or the Quick-Fit passage seal with integrated fire protection. As soon as fire penetrates the drain body, the fire protection compound it contains automatically swells and seals the pipe socket against flames and smoke. Both Fire-Kit and Quick-Fit meet the highest fire resistance class R 120.