Wall drain Scada

The design award-winning Scada wall drain is a very special “eye-catcher” that gives your bathroom a good deal of exclusivity. This compact drain is let into the wall instead of into the floor, thus creating the conditions for a 100% level and freely accessible shower area. Thanks to its low installation height of only 80 mm to the top edge of the tile, the Scada is also ideal for renovation. There are four high-quality drain covers to choose from for the Scada wall drain for individual design – even with LED lighting if required!


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Award-winning design

The Scada wall drain is a real feast for the eyes – not only do we think so, but also the jurors of the Dobry Design Award. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that tastes differ. That’s why we offer four different drain covers made of stainless steel V2A for the wall drain: two smooth versions for different tile thicknesses, a cover with a three-dimensional wave look and the “invisible” version, which can be individually tiled and thus integrated almost seamlessly into the wall of the shower area. All variants can also be equipped with a highlight exclusive to KESSEL: atmospheric LED lighting with an automatic color change program or individually selectable light color (12-volt low-voltage technology and empty cable conduit included).

Flexible & convenient installation options

The Scada wall drain is available as a wet and dry construction variant for easy installation under different conditions . Infinitely height-adjustable mounting feet are used for this purpose, which enable the total installation height of 80 to 215 mm up to the top edge of the tile to be set conveniently, as well as individual wall clearances of 100 to 180 mm. Thanks to various connection options (at the front, on the left or on the right side), there is no need to bend the drain pipe on the room side and laying underfloor heating is possible without any problems.

Maximum accessibility

More is not possible: Since the Scada is embedded in the wall, the floor of the shower area remains completely untouched. This not only looks good, but also removes the last “stumbling blocks” at the shower area – accessibility in its purest form.