Order reference TDS10200
Max. number of AUTOBUSES 4
Max. number of linked DoIP central units 10
Max. number of ‘Input’ + ‘Output’ interfaces on AUTOBUS 124 (4×31)
Max. number of total inputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 500
Max. number of total outputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 500


Leaflet NANOS Datasheet TDS10200


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The NANOS central unit has a powerful built-in 32 bit Nano-technology controller as well as a large amount of RAM and Flash memory. The central unit is DIN-rail compatible and is equipped with 2 AUTOBUS connections. This can be extended to 4 or even 40 connections when used by several central units connected over IP (DoIP).

When used in large projects with several NANOS central units over one LAN, these central units use automatically the decentralised TELETASK ‘distributed intelligence’ algorithm. The intermediary functionalities between the operational central units are guaranteed to rest active, even when a central unit would fall out of the network.

The NANOS disposes of a complete diagnostic module which can detect very fast irregularities or configuration problems. This is particularly interesting during the installation. Thanks to the diagnostics software the system will inform the electrical contractor directly of any faults in the installation, connection problems and much more. It makes the installation process much faster and easier and it’s possible by default to run it from remote site via the Internet or in house over Wi-Fi.  Broken cable? No problem, within a second the electrical contractor will know where the damage is located.

The configuration of the NANOS central unit is done in the PROSOFT-Suite software package. See the technical data sheet for more informpation.